About Wave Capital Partners
Keila I. Sabino, M.B.A. Candidate, Executive Administrator

Keila I. Sabino, M.B.A. Candidate

Executive Administrator


Keila Sabino is WaveCapital Partners’ Executive Administrator who brings almost 20 years of diverse professional experience.

Before joining WaveCapital, Keila worked in administrative positions across multiple industries. The knowledge, skill-sets, and experience she acquired while working in non-profit, healthcare, education, and real estate played an integral role in exceeding client expectations.

Today, her organizational skills are widely recognized. As a detail-oriented, responsible professional, Keila is committed to meeting the needs of WaveCapital and its clients. She has the willingness and abilities to go above and beyond to get the job done.

Keila is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Boston with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. She is currently an M.B.A. candidate with a 2020 completion date.

Keila enjoys being out in nature, dancing, and traveling.