About Wave Capital Partners
Marc Bailey

Marc Bailey

COO, VP of Technology/Aerospace and Managing Partner


Marc Bailey is WaveCapital’s Chief Operating Officer, responsible for leading the company’s business operations while striving for operational excellence in all aspects of the company. In this role Marc works with WaveCapital’s highly experienced team to provide strategic structure and systems that enhance the execution of WaveCapital’s business strategy allowing for more effective and compelling client experiences. Prior to becoming COO in September 2017, Marc was Vice President of Technology and Aerospace for WaveCapital. Marc will continue his role in the Technology and Aerospace sectors.

With over 25 years of entrepreneurial start-up experience, as well as over 20 years of aviation experience, Marc brings many elements of knowledge necessary to WaveCapital’s clients.

Marc engages in consulting projects of WaveCapital’s, primarily focused on strategic planning, financial modeling and analysis, as well as market analysis aspects. In addition, Marc has extensive experience in technology and business systems integration that are beneficial to support WaveCapital’s clients and team.

Prior to joining WaveCapital Partners, Marc’s involvement as President and COO of VisionAire Jets, LLC, focused on the development of an entry-level business jet. His extensive involvement with the financial projections and management control elements of the VisionAire program along with his ability to focus and effectively negotiate to keep the overall program within established parameters and goals, were critical to providing superior results.

At VisionAire, Marc and his dedicated team made many sacrifices and positioned the company for success. Marc had a realistic understanding of the level of commitment that it takes to drive a team through the challenges to ensure success and was confident that the current team and future team members would be strongly motivated and engaged by a unique opportunity as they enhanced the future of business aviation.

Prior to Marc’s involvement with VisionAire, he founded and managed Bailco, Inc. for 25 years. Bailco, a building supply distribution company focusing on the Southeast, combined direct marketing and dealer programs prompting double-digit growth for more than 20 years with an average gross margin that was consistently higher than the industry average. The company comprised of four distribution centers located throughout the Southeast and a unique and successful supply-chain that reached many parts of the world.

During this period, Marc developed and refined his mind set and skill sets with a clear understanding that the key to managing a successful business with productive team members is related to managing personalities and building a culture that functions around logic and structure utilizing the latest technology. In addition, he affirmed that leadership is not about titles but about being in the middle of the day-to-day to assure that commitments and timelines are promptly and consistently maintained along with the hard decisions that are required to keep a business positioned for not only the immediate, but the future as well.

Marc has owned, managed, and operated a corporate aircraft for over 15 years and completely understands its value and effectiveness as a business tool in today’s market.

Marc is a graduate from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, with a degree in Business Administration and a focus in Finance.