TitleWave Properties, LLC

TitleWave Properties

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Who We Are

TitleWave Properties, LLC, is a unique and interesting stand-alone entity dedicated to providing superior real estate transactional capabilities for its valued clients as well as the general public.

TitleWave was conceived as a vehicle where sellers seeking to expose their coveted for-sale properties on a more controlled, limited and private basis could do so with confidence while enjoying first magnitude personal services.

As a vital part of TitleWave’s arsenal of relationships, buyers seeking to purchase exceptional properties in their respective specialties and areas of interest are exposed to a steady flow of targeted opportunities.

WaveCapital’s Ray Boorojian serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of TitleWave Properties, LLC.


WaveCapital’s Garrett Boorojian serves as the Managing Partner of TitleWave Properties, LLC


John Chappelear

John Chappelear

President, TitleWave Properties, LLC


John Chappelear is President of TitleWave Properties, LLC. A credentialed real estate expert and friend of the WaveCapital organization for years, we are delighted to have John’s caliber of leadership and experience at the helm of TitleWave.

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Fred D. Webb Jr., J.D.

Fred D. Webb Jr., J.D.

Executive Vice President, TitleWave Properties, LLC


Fred is our Executive Vice President of TitleWave Properties, LLC. He serves in the vital role of overseeing all transactions of the firm.

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