About Wave Capital Partners

About WaveCapital Partners

What makes a successful enterprise of any discipline? It starts and ends with its people, of course!

So when seasoned professionals combine over 100 years of leadership with capabilities in legal, operations, development, media and financial management, you should achieve an exceptional result, right?

We did.

Ray Boorojian

Ray Boorojian, J.D., CFP

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


As the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of WaveCapital Partners, LLC, Ray takes special pride in its list of satisfied clients and the good will expressed by their people. Ultimately, they are the beneficiaries of our hard work. Through careful selection of associates, clients and sourcing, we have made viable and deserving dream projects a reality.

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Garrett R. Boorojian

Garrett Boorojian

Chief Development Officer and Managing Partner


As Chief Development Officer and Managing Partner of WaveCapital Partners, LLC, Garrett is responsible for strong business development at WaveCapital. Nationally recognized for his work, Garrett has the unique ability and remarkable history of creating and maintaining key business relationships in high-profile, public and private environments.

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Brian Jenkins

Brian Jenkins

Vice President of Development and Senior Consultant


Brian Jenkins brings a unique blend of exceptional relationship skills, media, business and financial experience to WaveCapital Partners. For 22 years, Brian was a news reporter and anchor on television and radio, the last 16 as a correspondent and anchor for CNN, based in Los Angeles, Tokyo and New York.

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John W. Uhlein

John W. Uhlein, J.D., M.B.A.

Senior Consultant and Board Advisor to WaveCapital Partners, LLC


As a Senior Consultant for, and Board Advisor to WaveCapital Partners, LLC, John Uhlein brings over 25 years of experience as a lawyer, banker, advisor and investor across many sectors to the firm.

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Jeffrey Hartman

Jeffrey Hartman, M.B.A., CPA and CGMA

Board Advisor to WaveCapital Partners, LLC


Jeffrey Hartman brings a unique blend of knowledge and advisory capabilities to WaveCapital. We have found that he complements our firm’s client-first philosophy, our values, and our work ethic utilizing considerable skills and like-kind approach to business.

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Jim Redpath, M.B.A.

Jim Redpath, M.B.A.

Managing Director
Cypress Associates, LLC



Strategic Partnership

WaveCapital Partners, LLC, and Cypress Associates, LLC, have entered into a strategic partnership to provide enhanced investment banking and consulting services for a wide range of clients.

What initially started as a collaborative idea between like-minded professionals working across similar industry verticals has evolved into a strategic partnership of considerable synergistic resources and abilities. The two firms maintain reciprocal offices in each other's locations to ensure seamless, expanded services to their clients.

Cypress Associates, LLC

Headquartered in New York City, Cypress Associates, LLC, is a nationally-recognized investment banking firm established in 2001. The firm provides companies and institutional investors with advisory services in mergers and acquisitions, fairness opinions and valuations, private placements of debt and equity, restructuring and reorganization and litigation consulting. Cypress operates internationally from its offices in New York, San Francisco and Austin.