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WaveCapital Partners

Comprehensive Financial Consulting

“The matter does not rest until our client’s objective is fulfilled”
Ray Boorojian, 1984.

Who We Are

Ray Boorojian, Founder, Chairman and CEO, and Garrett Boorojian, Managing Partner and CDO, of WaveCapital Partners, LLC.

WaveCapital is a nationally-recognized leader in accomplishing long-term solutions for deserving projects where other industry organizations have failed.

As a results-focused financial consulting firm, WaveCapital effectively provides superior guidance for a prestigious base of clients.

Once committed to the belief in both the people and their projects, WaveCapital truly partners with carefully selected parties to bring well-developed concepts to functioning realities.

Transactions involving securities are performed through M&A Securities Group, Inc. 4151 North Mulberry Drive, Suite 252, Kansas City, Missouri, 64116, United States of America, Member FINRA/SIPC. M&A Securities Group and WaveCapital Partners are unaffiliated entities.