About Wave Capital Partners

About WaveCapital Partners

What makes a successful enterprise of any discipline? It starts and ends with its people, of course!

So when seasoned professionals combine over 100 years of leadership with capabilities in legal, operations, development, media and financial management, you should achieve an exceptional result, right?

We did.

Ray Boorojian

Ray Boorojian, J.D., CFP

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


As the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of WaveCapital Partners, LLC, Ray takes special pride in its list of satisfied clients and the good will expressed by their people. Ultimately, they are the beneficiaries of our hard work. Through careful selection of associates, clients and sourcing, we have made viable and deserving dream projects a reality.

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Garrett R. Boorojian

Garrett Boorojian

Chief Development Officer and Managing Partner


As Chief Development Officer and Managing Partner of WaveCapital Partners, LLC, Garrett is responsible for strong business development at WaveCapital. Nationally recognized for his work, Garrett has the unique ability and remarkable history of creating and maintaining key business relationships in high-profile, public and private environments.

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