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Real Estate

Real Estate Financial Consulting.

The reality is that most projects, however unique, involve at least some elements of real estate. We pride ourselves in being the architect of creative solutions that strike a critical balance for the unique needs of our clients' project(s).


Hotels and Retail Financial Consulting.

WaveCapital has successfully achieved the creation of unique luxury properties, as well as traditional limited-service facilities.


Sports and Entertainment Financial Consulting.

It’s a source of great pride that (at the time between 2013 and 2014) WaveCapital was responsible for facilitating the financing for the largest sports and entertainment complex in the United States, LakePoint Sports, in Emerson, Georgia. As a result, WaveCapital has been the go-to organization for similar large and small venues throughout the country.


Alternative Energy, Water and Sustainable Infrastructure Financial Consulting.

WaveCapital prides itself on helping companies and projects with an objective toward improving the quality of the environment for future generations. We focus on companies that are committed to improving the accessibility, affordability and availability of renewable resources with a new approach to serious environmental issues. We help these companies find solutions at both the company and project levels to develop and scale their operations in the energy, water, agriculture and waste sectors.

Consumer / Retail

Consumer / Retail Financial Consulting.

WaveCapital provides consulting for popular and niche projects that are very much in demand for the everyday consumer. We focus on projects in such areas as Retailing, Branded Consumer, Food and Beverage, and Gaming and Leisure.


Health and Wellness Operations Financial Consulting.

WaveCapital also provides solutions for broad sectors in the healthcare industry including Healthcare Services, Healthcare IT, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Devices.


Transportation Consulting.

WaveCapital develops automotive and aerospace solutions enabling clients to produce efficient commercial vehicles and jet aircrafts together with exciting, game-changing technologies for the future.


Technology Financial Consulting.

WaveCapital provides funding solutions for a broad array of sectors within the technology space including Emerging Technologies (Robotics, 3-D printing, Artificial Intelligence), Internet of Things, Digital and Communications Technologies. We focus on companies with established technologies needing additional rounds of capital for growth, as well as early-stage companies that have market-disruptive technologies that solve difficult industry problems.

Business Consulting

Business Consulting Services.

WaveCapital Partners, LLC, has built a suite of consulting services designed to help private and public companies with their financial plans. We’re known for creatively applying corporate finance concepts to develop new strategies for funding companies.

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