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Business Consulting

Business Consulting Services.

WaveCapital Partners, LLC, has built a suite of consulting services designed to help private and public companies with their financial plans. We’re known for creatively applying corporate finance concepts to develop new ways of funding companies. A number of our clients in the small to mid-sized range are not well versed in the world of corporate finance. We have decades of knowledge regarding the capital markets, which serves as the development platform for our firm’s consulting services and solutions.

WaveCapital’s principals can provide you with the following consulting services:

  • Analyze operating forecasts and assess financing needs in order to determine the prospects of your business. (An exercise quite helpful when approaching investors and lenders).
  • Develop an effective and realistic funding strategy tailored to your development plans and related financing requirements.
  • Select the most suitable financial instruments and identify potential investors and lenders.
  • Prepare an appropriate documentation package for investors and lenders. (Financial models, business plans, feasibility studies, investment memoranda, etc.).
  • Assist with the preparation of financial documentation in order to execute an effective closing of the funding transaction.
  • Our experts have extensive experience in developing funding strategies, selecting appropriate financial instruments, raising debt and equity financing and structuring related transactions.
  • We look at a large number of alternative strategies and sources of funding to find solutions that best fit your needs.
  • Rather than offering certain financial products, WaveCapital acts as an independent consultant committed to your interests. Owing to our market expertise and insights generated through constant dialogue with debt and equity providers, we can evaluate their funding offers and assist in choosing the ones that best suit your interests.
  • For our real estate based applications, WaveCapital also provides consulting for all aspects of site selections, tenant introductions / relationships, joint venture partnerships, lease structuring, pro-forma due diligence and analysis.

We at WaveCapital are very proud of being differentiated in the marketplace by our breadth of structuring expertise and creativity employed in solving our clients’ needs.